Warriors Black Hoodie - Green

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**PRE-ORDER 4 JUNE 2020 - 19 JUNE 2020**

The Philippine people have always been warriors. From Spain, America, to Japan colonization and even during today’s political climate, we have been fighting for our freedom. And with every blow, we prevail because of our warrior spirit.

Hidden “warrior” in Baybayin, ancient Philippine script, using the flow of dragons. Both sides aligned for that seamless connection. Can you see our mandirigma spirit?

Full color green Baybayin dragon plastisol print on front and back and aligned and meant to read continuously on a new UNISEXY hoodie silhouette 80% cotton, 20% polyester 8.25 ounce premium 3-end fleece hoodie. Buttery soft and super comfortable for your quarantine cuddles.

True to size, ladies size down.