Sammy The Sunshine Sticker

$10.00 USD

In 2008 we created a small charity division titled Shirt The Kids (STK) where we raised funds to provide clothing, school supplies, and food to impoverished kids in the Philippines. With the help of the community we were able to provide Sammy The Sunshine tees, food, and school supplies to kids in Pampanga, donations to a children’s medical center in Manila, and provided school supplies and shirts in Iloilo.

For our first Shirt The Kids journey we will be donating funds to provide school supplies and clothing to students of the Mangyan Tribe of Mindoro Island. With your help, we will be providing for ~ 300 students in Inawa Panaynep Elementary School and ~ 300 students at Libagon Elementary School. We anticipate to hold a Shirt The Kids event in their school on 25 March 2021.

Mangyan refers to the Philippine ethnic group living in Mindoro Island and are nomadic in nature that live primarily off the land with minimal schooling.

With each Sammy The Sunshine sticker purchased, 100% of net profits will go directly to the students of Mangyan.

We are excited to begin this new Shirt The Kids journey and work with you to empower to educate, motivate, and participate. Please share and let’s begin building OUR outreach.

Custom die cut 4" x 4" sticker of Shirt The Kid's Sammy The Sunshine.