Ancestor Made Hoodie - Black

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**PRE-ORDER 4 JUNE 2020 - 19 JUNE 2020**

Our lineage is built by hundreds of years of colonization and survival. We are made of the dust of our forgotten Negritos, Austronesian, Malay, Indian, Arab and Chinese ancestors. We run deep and wide, WE ARE Ancestor Made! Regardless of your ethnicity, background, color etc, we can trace our energy from our ancestors who walked this earth to provide our identity.

A new update to our classic hoodie with one color plastisol on a new UNISEXY hoodie silhouette. 80% cotton, 20% polyester 8.25 ounce premium 3-end fleece hoodie. Buttery soft and super comfortable for your quarantine cuddles.

True to size, ladies size down.