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We first started PNOY App in 1999 as young dumb kids with an idea and passion for our homeland.  Our humble story began with customizing baseball jerseys with "PNOY" cut out in tackle twill and sewn on with a zig zag stitch. The first year we taught ourselves how to sew, we also taught ourselves that we could not sustain the expenses and hours of labor of customizing.  We were then introduced into screen printing, which then gave us the ability to express our "Know History" creatively.

In 2006 we flirted with the idea of creating our very own cut-n-sew.  We had no experience in fabrics, patterns, import tax, manufacturing lead time, let alone manufacturing?!  After diligent research and elbow rubbing, we found our manufacturer in the Philippines and in 2008 gave birth to the REVOLT jacket!  We traveled to the Philippines to ensure that our manufacturer complied with ethical and moral working standards.  Not only do we provide "Know History" of our homeland, we also help give back to their economy.  

Prior to discovering our manufacturer, we already knew what we wanted to create...our take on the iconic Philippine flag.  But the execution had to be spot on as we wanted to avoid just slapping the flag and looking like Rex Kwon Do.  We take pride in incorporating "Know History" into every piece we release so we took our time.  How do we tell a story with a Philippine flag while looking "cool?"  We set on our hunt and we decomposed the Philippine flag, researched the minor and major changes of each evolution and why.  

The final product, our REVOLT flag!!!  What better story to tell than the evolution of the Philippine flag!  The REVOLT jacket is composed of four Philippine flags that were created for specific leaders and specific moments in time.  

Behind the REVOLT Flag

1. Gregorio del Pilar's tricolor flag - Del Pilar was one of the youngest generals in the Philippine revolutionary forces during the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American war.  His tricolor flag was patterned after Cuba's flag, which was also in "REVOLT" against Spain at the time.  The tricolor was the first Philippine flag to use the triangle with the three colors.

2. General Pio del Pilar's rising sun flag - Del Pilar's red banner flag has a white triangle on the hoist with a K (for Katipunan) at each angle with a mountain and a rising sun.  The flag was called "Flag of the Triumphant's" and was the first to depict an eight-rayed sun.

3.  Katipunan smiling face - In 1897 the Katipunan leaders adopted a new flag that was red, white sun with eight rays, and a face. For a short period of time the "smiley face" flag was considered the first official flag of the Philippines. 

4.  Modern day Philippine flag - The iconic Philippine flag was conceptualized by Emilio Aguinaldo during his exile in Hong Kong.  It was sewn by Marcela Marino de Agoncillo, Lorenza Agoncillo, and Delfina Herbosa de Natividad in Hong Kong and first flown in battle during May 28, 1898.

The official Kampeon Co REVOLT flag - At fist glance you do not question the country of the flag as it resembles the iconic modern day Philippine flag.  Its recognizable, but also very different.  Its against the grain, one might even ponder the red side up for being in WAR  As with all our "Know History" designs, the REVOLT flag sparks interest and entices inquiry.


When we initially released the REVOLT in 2008, we made 300 pieces and quickly sold all 300 pieces.  Over the years we have gotten emails, DM's, and personal conversations requesting to bring back the REVOLT.  And every single time we responded with a NO.  However, what better way to celebrate our 20 year than to bring back our most sought after, most coveted item we have ever released.  

A few slight updates to the REVOLT XX include:

- Updated silhouette with a slightly shorter cut.  Now you can rock with out having to zip tie the edges as an option.

- Updated the zip to a four button up with a flap to continue with the clean lines.

- We removed the Kris logo on top of the hood, the sun logo on the left sleeve, and the PINAS on back.

- Fully embroidered red on red book logo on the left sleeve.

- Fully embroidered red on red "Children of the Returning Sun" on the back.

- Moved the side pockets to the side seams to continue with the minimal and clean silhouette.

- Added a short bill to the hoodie portion to help with sun glare.

The UNISEXY REVOLT XX is now available for PRE-ORDER for men, ladies, and kids!  Once PRE-ORDERs are closed on 10 May 2018, we will not be accepting new orders.  


The REVOLT XX is designed in the U.S. and manufactured by the great people of the Philippines. Estimated time of completion 1-2 months with an additional 2-3 weeks of shipping. Once we receive, we’ll process and ship ASAP.

Peace, Love, & Service Always



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